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Girls & Gossip! We can't just stop gossiping so I thought why not to make a video on this? I am sure you'll love it and relate it. Do COMMENT which was your most favourite & most relatable sequence from this skit.
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    Agar Aap Bhi Gossips Karna Enjoy Karte Ho To LIKE & SHARE Zaroor Karna .... Any Suggestions for my Next Topic??

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    S-sweet H-Honourable R-Royal U-Unlimited beauty T-twinkling I- innocent

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    Make video Girls vs actresses

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    Please type of school

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    Mene tale

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    Please make types of kids

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    Muhammad Jan14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Who's she


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    Wow es mai Mera naam aaya

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    Hi I like your show if u are going for summer holidays come to puttaparthy ok please I biggest fan

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    Who is this woman

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    Love your vedios

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    Chuda chuda

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    Jodi was best

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    Can you please talk to me at 8:00pm

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    Sonam k phn pe sonam ka e phn

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    Sb achy hai

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    1 part

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    Please do types of students in school

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    aap full family video ho jaaea

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    Who love to gossip with your friends hit like👍 1 like dostho ke naam

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    Yes I am a big gossip I will everyday gossip only every 24hours again next 24hours😜😛☺

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    Didi plz ek video daliye girlfriend and boyfriend relation

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    When sakhshi called sonam

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    My name is sakshi

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    Ek choti se mistake hai B's 2:25 se ek br video dekho jisko phn Kiya uska naam shital hai shital ne Sonam ko call Kiya to Sonam ka phn pr Sonam q likha call to shital ne Kiya hai to phn pr name Sonam q likha hai? Plz mind met krna B's ase hi btaya Mene ki apki videos or best baney wase mujhe apki videos bohot pasand hai 👌😘 superb 👍👍

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    And her age is like anantya


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    my daugter name is also simran and also she sharma 😠

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