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    The poo part is nice

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    So stupid. Most idiotic video ever.

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    Shruti Di phle apke Baal ache the ab Nai h

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    It's dragen fruit

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    Why you are shaking your head

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    Hahaha very nice . .

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    U are too good in desi .. I am also from Jhansi . Shruti mam u r osm

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    U are studying blank book

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    it was so fun to see

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    10 years before!! ¡Ts being over now

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    Hey Shruti ma'am, I am a biggest fan of yours. And and and and and.......Anuuuu is sooooooo adorable.😍😊

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    Kindly tell which straightner you use

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    Happy Holi festival of colours Shruti Arjun Anand

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    So cute

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    Shruti didi your miss rose highlight is sparkal is very beautiful and i am 10 years old girl name swara

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    You both are awesome


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    Vasai is my home town

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    Part3 plz

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