Scott Adkins Action and Fights in Close Range 2015

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Close Range (formerly known as Dust Up) is a 2015 American action thriller film directed by Isaac Florentine, and starring Scott Adkins, Nick Chinlund, Jake La Botz, and Tony Perez. The film follows Colton MacReady, a rogue soldier-turned-outlaw, who is forced to protect his sister and young niece from a corrupt sheriff and a dangerous drug cartel who descend upon his ranch for revenge.
Applicant: CoPeerRight Agency - Italy
Applicant: vvsfilms
Production companies:
Bleiberg Entertainment and Underdogg Entertainment
Distributed by:
Daro Film Distribution
Watch and this Fight video with Marko:
Scott Adkins Action and Fight in Close Range 2015
Fight Scenes, Action Scenes, Martial Arts.
Movie: Close Range , 近距離での行動と戦い , 行动和近距离战斗 , Yakın Menzildeki Aksiyon ve Kavgalar
Coming Soon: 4 December 2015
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  24. 『‏٭𖤍 ⃟المــٰٖ۫۬ۦٰؖـ҉ꦿــنـٰٖ۫۬ۦٰؖــ҉្ـٰٖ۫۬ۦٰؖۦٰــٰٖ۫۬ـخـٰٖ۫۬ۦٰؖۦٰــٰٖ۫۬ـ҉ꦿـنــٰٖ۫۬وك ⃟𖤍٭』 ❶ †

    『‏٭𖤍 ⃟المــٰٖ۫۬ۦٰؖـ҉ꦿــنـٰٖ۫۬ۦٰؖــ҉្ـٰٖ۫۬ۦٰؖۦٰــٰٖ۫۬ـخـٰٖ۫۬ۦٰؖۦٰــٰٖ۫۬ـ҉ꦿـنــٰٖ۫۬وك ⃟𖤍٭』 ❶ †6 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

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