Parotta Recipe in Tamil | How to make Parotta in Tamil | Homemade soft layered Parotta Recipe

In this video we will see how to make parotta recipe in tamil. Parotta is the most popular street food and there are so many parotta stalls and almost everyone enjoys this awesome food. In this recipe we are going to make soft parotta with multiple layers. If you follow this recipe the parotta will be identical to the ones served in hotels.
In order to create soft and stretchy parotta we need to form gluten in the flour. Adding excess oil will actually prevent gluten formation and will make our parottas hard and crsipy. Since in parotta stalls, they make with huge batches, the oil added is not a problem however for making at home do not add too much oil as it will ruin the parottas.
Friends please do try this iconic street food at home and everyone would be amazed that you made it at home. Also please do share your feedback about the recipe in the comments below. All the best and happy cooking !


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    Akka romba romba super madam

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    Sister i like parotta very much. Send by ragavendren.

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    Sister last week i tried the parotta. Last week that parotta came well. Thanks sister your parotta is super. Send by ragavendren. Thanks sister.

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    Hi Akka, I live in Florida. I started watching your video from 2016. I just tried your parotta. It came out too good. Thank you so much. I have quick question akka can I know where did you get that yellow color(1tbsp) measuring cup akka?

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    Hi . Thanks for recipe . Tried today . We didn’t get the layers properly . What could have been mistake ? Followed ur steps properly . Maybe added too much water to dough ? Layers were not as crisp and thin as yours - it was little thick and not easily separable . Any advice or tips ?

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    அருமையாக வந்தது நன்றி. சகோதரி🙏

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    Can I prepare dough in night and rest it whole night and prepare parota next day ...will this effect the dough?

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    Hi sister 1st time it came out well but today 2nd time I tried I do no what mistake I did it was so rough and nearly 6 hrs it soaked 😭 please tell me why it was hard so that next time I will correct it sissy.

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